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Custom Art: “The Monk Who Became the Mayor” by Gene Levi Chan

The Monk Who Became the Mayor

On What Makes a (Good) Leader

Rimer was a normal monk. A good monk, a faithful monk, but a normal monk. In the world of monks, Rimer was nothing to write home about.

He took it slow, readying himself to notice anything that might catch his eye.

Right on schedule, Rimer’s heart and mind aligned to produce a teaspoon or two of tears which fell directly below.

On that stone, he would notice how his sadness painted shadows in lines and angles, where forgotten chunks of unforgiveness emerged from the garden of his heart, and the best place to find some peace

Leadership is about internal regulation, not external manipulation.

Recognizing what’s going on inside is the key to changing what’s going on outside.

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Writing to inspire a world of empathy, possibility, and growth. Former faith leader; current MBA candidate. 👋 Say hi

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