Thanks for reading, and for the comment. Great question and great thoughts.

I could have spelled out the “The Interplay of Finite and Infinite Games” section further. Finite games are not bad, it’s just that playing an infinite game with a finite mindset is bad. For example, business is an infinite game, but it’s filled with finite games. My infinite mindset might help me to view my job as a plumber as an opportunity to solve problems and help people (an infinite cause), however, if I advertise that I’ll respond to your service call within 15 minutes, then I need to respond to your service call within 15 minutes. That’s a win/lose scenario — a finite game. And I should treat it as such. But the fact that business is an infinite game means that I can always find ways to overcome the problems that arise from my finite losses.

There’s an interplay here, for sure. The issue comes when infinite games are treated as finite games themselves. Exercise is an infinite game (you never ‘finish’ exercising until you die), but you can have a finite goal (game) of losing 5 pounds this month. If, however, you view exercise itself as a finite game you’ll end up being stressed out and depressed every time you miss a goal — increasing your chances of giving up altogether. The infinite mindset helps you to see that even if you only managed to lose 2 pounds by the end of the month, you’ve improved your fitness and you’re more likely to continue on with encouragement to lose more. With this mindset, you’ll probably be fitter in the long run.

When it comes to being an employee working for a boss, you’ve got to play the finite games given to you if you want to keep your job. In this case, the infinite mindset (and having a ‘why’ larger than your tasks and responsibilities) will help, but the culture of the company and the employee experience may not dramatically improve until the boss of the business learns how to lead with an infinite mindset.

I hope that helps a bit. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.

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