Hi Mimi,

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

I see what you mean--and I empathize with your frustration over people blaming others for their inaction.

That's not my intention here. It's only to explore Sinek's view that the human solution to climate change is not as simple as we sometimes make it out to be. The way we message it to people matters immensely.

In fact, although I see how what I wrote can be taken that way, what I meant was the opposite: instead of rushing to blame other individuals for not doing enough to address climate change, we should take a look at the marketing and messaging that we're sending them.

Your point is well taken. It's true that the marketing matters, and it's also true that we as individuals are responsible for our actions.

Again, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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Writing to inspire a world of empathy, possibility, and growth. Former faith leader; current MBA candidate. 👋 Say hi mtouchton@gmail.com

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