Hey, no worries at all. I'm thankful for your comments--they force me to think about and further clarify these ideas.

"So, as this employee, my mindset is reactive of the environment and my boss, as a result do I not necessarily have the degree of freedom to choose my mindset?"

I wouldn't say that. I think we always have the freedom to choose our mindset. In the the case of an employee with a very finite-minded boss, choosing their mindset is just a more difficult task.

I'll give an example.

Bob is a salesman for Company XYZ. Bob has an infinite mindset and works everyday to make each potential customer her speaks with smile and feel cared for. He's a successful salesman and always hits the monthly goals his boss gives him.

However, Bob's boss is very stressed as the company needs to increase sales this month by 50%. Bob's boss warns bob and the other sales people that if they don't meet this new goal, they're fired. Bob's boss only understands finite games.

In this case, if Bob wants to keep his job he must play by the rules set by his boss. But that doesn't mean that he can't play this finite sales game within the context of his infinite mindset.

It surely may increase Bob's stress and make it difficult to maintain his infinite mindset of making customer's smile and feel care for. However, he can keep this vision front and center while also doing his best to make the neccesary sales.

Bob's infinite mindset doesn't make him less effective at sales, it just makes him more aware of the greater mission to which he belongs.

Your question brings up a core question within the conversation about finite and infinite mindsets, and that is... How do I as an employee of a finite-minded boss work with an infinite mindset? The answer: Be the leader you wish your boss was. Play the finite games that you're given to play, but cultivate an infinite culture in the office in respectful ways by encouraging collaboration, innovation, long-term thinking, well-being, and outlasting (instead of beating) the competition.

I hope that helps.

Thanks again for your comment!

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